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For God & Country please consider taking action and joining the Trump 2024 Film movement. Against intense adversity, President Trump is guaranteeing the sovereignty of the United States amongst a worldwide push for globalism! 

The stakes have never been higher. Will ‘We The People’ throw out our Constitution? Will ‘We The People’ become a Democratic Socialist Society, a Marxist, Communistic enslaved Society which always ends in the death of any nation?

We were founded as a Republic embracing Life, Liberty, Property and the pursuit of Happiness just as Freedom is never Free. 

Will ‘We The People’ allow unnamed bureaucrats to make our laws? Will ‘We The People’ be ruled by a one-world dictator? The future of our great Republic is under attack. So…This begs the question: What will the world look like after Trump? We all play a part and…The answer is found in the film.

Together we will awaken WE THE PEOPLE! Trump 2024 Film. We must all awaken and it’s up to you. We have been given a way to stand and everyone must awaken and speak up today.

Think about this: if Jesus Christ came back as a Republican and Satan came as a Democratic the simple would vote Democrat. Don’t allow cognitive dissonance to destroy America. The forces of evil are real.

Each of us must carry the truth but first we must embrace the truth. Do you understand and know truth? The stakes are high…

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