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Dr. Christiane Northrup OB/GYN Trained at Dartmouth Medical School

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Dr. Christiane Northrup OB/GYN Physician Trained at Dartmouth Medical School speaking on the Covie Vaccine. Exceptional, intelligent, very brave doctor.

This RNA vaccine known as transinfection which will change your DNA with non human DNA; creating a chimers introducing non human DNA. MIT patented Luciferase which will glow under the proper light. Nano particles are like little robots recording all human data storing it in the cloud.

Luciferase will glow while storing your biometric information giving you bodily information stored in the cloud. Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein.

Gates applied for the patent 060606 ending all privacy and freedom, making all humans a commodity thus becoming slaves to the system. A patent 666 owned by Gates.

The vaccine is created to vaccinate the entire world with nano particles combining with your DNA allowing control from outside the body in order to mine human energy for cryptocurrency. Many effects will be created known as Transverse myelitis creating a lifetime of sickness including polio effecting the spinal cord leading to paralysis.

Currently, 99% recover from Covie. The plan is to vaccinate the entire world. Things will not go back to normal until the goal is achieved. There is no detoxing from nano particles where the body becomes an antenna. Thanks to vaccines 54% of all children have side effects with around one million annually damaged. The autistic numbers increase annually with a projection of one out of two in the not too distant future.

Severe effects will be created producing a great deal of money for the allopathic pharmacological industry. The problem with the flu vaccine is those accepting this will be at great risk to long term illness.

Nano particles are tiny robots sending data up to the cloud; creating a cashless society through crypto through 5G. The radiation from 5G effects oxygen levels in the body.

The herd mentality operates via fear and those promoting fear will make billions. Mandated vaccines are insane and for a newborn prior two years of age guarantees long term medical effects. There is no recovery from the covie vaccine injecting hydro gel nano technology into the body.

This is an agenda put forward by a small group of elite individuals deploying the uninformed masses. We must stand for sovereignty and medical freedom.

It’s always darkest before dawn. Go down on your knees and pray to our Abba Father through Jesus Christ and educate, inform and set the captives free. You have been warned!

Freedom is never free so fight for it and never give up. We are vaxed no more.

Do Vaccines Help Fight Infections? Dr. Christiane Northrup tells it like it is. Sheep need to be led which is why Christ said feed my sheep. Good Shepards are hard to find.

Creativity like critical thinking has been destroyed, thanks to the public/private fool system known as Social Factories, youth indoctrination camps and modification centers. Watch “The Purpose of Schooling” by John Taylor Gatto; most highly decorated school teacher in NY City for 20 years, teaching for around 30.

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    6 replies on “Dr. Christiane Northrup OB/GYN Trained at Dartmouth Medical School”

    Thanks for the info. Dr Northrup and a small handful of others are people I trust and are teaching those who will listen the TRUTH about the Medical “Sytem” which includes Big Pharma. All for THEIR profits, not OUR health. Be blessed y’all!

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