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It is a simple path so correct your paperwork while ceasing the support of the pedophiles in DC, what some call the District of Criminals, bought & paid for. Always support and enforce the law but first you must know the law.

There are federal citizens which owe a tax; there of state citizens which do not owe a tax. Do you know who you are and can you defend your standing? America has been totally federalized. The federal government has been born out of the states.

Why allow your enemy to educate your children in their schools totaling 12 long years of programming resulting in todays state of the nation? The number one problem in America is the lack of responsibility in every home resulting in the lack of education.

Freedom Lovers

The tax code is only for federal citizens worldwide with license to do exactly what they are doing. Are you operating as a State or Federal Citizen? As evidenced by CV19™, the bioweapon, maskitis disease and 6 feet apart. Fear is the great divide and promoted daily without exception. It’s all administrative so keep it that way…

John 8:32

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