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America simply has too many fear driven, compliant, obedient, controlled, tax filing, vaxxed, highly educated academics. We are funding our own demise along with anyone Speaking Loudly who is quickly removed. How easily we buy junk science while supporting our own demise with the aid of baby vaccines, public schools & universities.

It’s incredibly amazing how easily led the fear driven woke are along with all vaxxed. Years ago, for those that still read, Gates has written about his goals of mining human energy for crypto along with reducing the population by billions as described on the Georgia Guidestones erected back in 1980 down in south Georgia prior being recently destroyed.

Yet business continues are usual as the normes continue their lives oblivious to current events. Yet, the masses are totally unprepared while city dwellers continue onward.

Another WZO-foe bites the dust, more Instant Karma, and Aids For Everyone! Plus, there’s a New Bill in town calling for culling humanity with another deadly pandemic making more money than anything historically while torturing & culling the herd, destroying the youth and no more borders.

Weather War

So what, who if anyone will do anything? The vaxxed can no-longer critically think while most christians are jellyfish attending state run/controlled church, while those Speaking Loudly are banned or worse as sheep watch the entire show without a whimper. All the while, they think they are fine in their delusion of living for Christ.

What are you doing for the children, for their future, for their education? Are you jobbing them out for their 12 year span of programmed mind-washing, so they many continue the curse causeless? Maybe it’s time to awaken to reality, critical thinking and the true reality of living for Jesus Christ or the material world.

Like so many family members who steel all their parents money, forcing parents into nursing homes for a drugged, sick, miserable, lonely death.

These are the soulless, mindless, godless, family members living in the material world, living for worldly possessions, dream homes, jobs, money, planes, boats & cars. The price these self-serving souls pay is very steep currently & eternally. Look at their children birthed to travel the same pitifully, self-serving, painful road, living in the material world…

John 8:32

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