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Mark Twain once said: “It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

The masses don’t know anything concerning Status and Standing including Land Patents and the right to own property. Men are no longer men as John Taylor Gatto said years ago: they have become wageslaves. The masses pay a tax to simply live and are none the wiser. According to the Grace Commission Report not 1 penny goes to America or the US Treasury, so where does it go?

Wageslaves can’t own anything, not even their bodies, much less their children. The masses raise children that are not their own since, upon birth, Mom voluntarily, assigns them over to the FED, making them taxable, draft-able, innocuable, institutional & jailable. Legally speaking, they are now corporate fictions, US Citizens, subjects, persons, thus wards of the state. Now, thousands of statutes apply. Who holds title to you, your car, your land, your life? Learn this or forever be a slave, subject to the defacto laws of man/slavery or become free, operating in a dejure system under God’s law.

You only have two jobs, correct the errors the agencies make and teach them not to do it again. Study the US Code and hold them accountable. If no one holds them accountable, they will never be accountable, just as you will continue in your self-serving slavery. Become the powerful man, God ordained you to be. Schools only enslave you, destroying all critical & creative thinking. Study all of David, Bobby & Ron’s information and apply it today. 

Children need to awaken, come home and lead this charge for family, building upon decades of work. Why do so many strive in vain to reinvent the wheel? Stop wasting time and awaken. Take a long look at your family and the failures they have become, not to mention their children. Start with those you know whose lives are dependent upon the medical cartel. For many years we’ve shared the damage vaccines™ cause from cradle to grave, yet so few listen. Far too many continue to drink the vaccine™ cool-aid and now we have the covie kool-aid. Hold on, it promises to be quite a rough ride for far too many accepting the variants & boosters.

Take a hard look at those who think they are so smart while most have lost a lifetime of work producing children jobbed out for life, repeating the same old curse from generation to generation. The sins of the fathers are passed down. Time to awaken and fight for what you have been given or be fooled, like most families. Don’t listen to the Lord Jesus Christ or your father and run your own insane race while loosing everything Mom & Dad worked their entire lives to give, which I’m giving to you, if you are smart enough to keep it. The masses aren’t, look around. Slaves don’t own property, they can’t and never will. They don’t even own their minor estate or know what it is. They don’t own their body, yet few are awake just as fear has always been used to enslave, control & cull the masses.

If you want peace, prepare for war! Everyday you put your foot on the floor, you are in a  war. The masses live lives of quiet desperation and without Christ Jesus, life is impossible.

Do you have your secure documents? Do you have your trust documents? Do you know your rights? Land, air, water = Law What do you know? Listen to David’s 8 lectures, Out Of Babylon, found on the web along with youtube, while it last or is removed. Necessary for every man, woman & child. Freedom is not free.

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#103 – You Are Not A Slave: Land Patents Part 2 w/ Ron Gibson

The fearful and unbelieving have some pretty nasty companions. It doesn’t seem that the modern day church understands the repercussions of being either!  Fear is as bad as sin demonstrating an absolute lack of trust in God and mistrust in His promises, equaling unbelief. There is no greater insult to Him!

When the powers of heaven shake, the earth shakes with them! Fear has driven mankind to lockdowns, masking, vaccinating, demonstrating, turning on one another and all sorts of odd behaviors. People’s hearts are literally failing them as a result of being fearful and unbelieving. The love of many has grown cold just as the bible said it would.  Everyone, everywhere can sense the shaking, some understand it and some don’t. The Lord does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets so look to Him and His word for explanations of where we are on His timeline and what is coming next. Looking for men to give us explanations, answers and predictions is futile. Heaven and earth shall pass away but His word is for ever more.

“My heart is breaking — and I’m on the verge of tears,” grieved Dr. Naomi Wolf while speaking at a December 2 medical freedom rally in front of Yale University — in opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Yale is requiring students, most between the ages of 17 and 22, to take the bivalent booster tested on eight mice — while allowing their faculty a pass on the latest shot.

John 8:32

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