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Who paid the piper? Have y0u not been played? Do you know the truth? Who are you? Human mind capture, successful. Music is the weapon of choice. Keeping people distracted, MSM & CAA. The world is in a trance watching the train wreak in slow motion. Wake up!

Enjoy the Show. New unseen clips from debut. Here is a rare look behind the curtain that will aid you in being able to SEE things that occur in our society in a CLEAR light with SCRUTINY. It’s all a SHOW where the WHOLE WORLD is a STAGE. May this Documentary give you EYES to SEE and EARS to hear.

This documentary says it all and it’s up to the truthers to tell the truth. How do you wake up the population?

Those calling the shots think the people of the United States are stupid as evidenced by the Covid 19™ scare and those who bought into the fear. Vaccines™ are the first step to total control and always have been. The narrative along with MSM’s propaganda has worked beautifully in fulfilling the etching on the Georgia Guidestones that were recently destroyed after some 40 years.

“He who controls the present controls the pen that records the past and thus is the owner of the brush that paints the future” The greatest lie is 95% truth.

John 8:32

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