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America is a vaccine™ Nation with 75 plus vaccines ™ and all for profit. CV19™ has now been added. The cost is just under 1 million damaged children annually yet the narrative continues to be embraced causing longterm medical effects, producing millions for the medical industry with pharma leading the charge.

At 3 years of age I recall arguing with my parents/doctor stating I do not need a polio or smallpox vaccine™ since I’m very healthy. I was ignored, blackmailed and forced to take the vax. As a result, several years later, my tonsils were removed, which I also protested because I knew a tonsillectomy was not the solution. It was a 2 for 1 deal, they took my younger brother also, who had never been sick. Tonsillectomies were big business in the fifties.

Butchers they are and it’s always about the bottom line, money. It’s a cut, burn, poison profession, otherwise known as slash for cash. Once again I was ignored. Tonsillectomies were big business in the 50’s just like vaccines™, causing long term medical effects which is their primary aim & purpose, admitted or not. Most naïve parents are none the wiser.

In 1950 they only had 2 vaccines™, however today, 75 + CV19™. Many family members were vaccinated causing cancer around the age of 3 along with becoming diabetic and a life dependent an insulin pump.

Unfortunately, I know far too many in this and worse situations due to vaccines™ and yet the masses continue down this road of naïve FEAR which is the great motivator.

A while back, I read a book written by Jonas Sulk, called “The Survival of the Wisest.” He clearly stated he was lacing his vaccines with cancer as he, like Gates & Fauci, are Eugenicist with a hatred for all humanity. Visit The American Eugenics Society (AES); better yet, read the book.

Due to the overall ignorance of the masses the genecide continues today with CV19™, causing longterm medical effects and death. Sheep must be led, bred, vaxxed & culled from cradle to grave, like cattle.

Some are still unsure how the AIDS epidemic began. Between 1957 and 1960, Hilary Koprowski was researching a cure for polio. He manufactured a vaccine from monkeys, probably chimps, and injected it into almost one million Africans. This award-winning documentary suggests that as scientists tried to rid the world of one disease, they may have caused another epidemic.

As a source material, this authoritative news report shows evidence for a narrative exploring the origins of HIV (and AIDS) as the consequence of a vaccination program in West Africa that utilized live virus cultures grown in cells retrieved from monkeys and apes.

Witness News Program Produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth is a must see for parents of Newborns, for all parents of all ages. The naïve masses are voluntarily killing their own children, as they trust the medical cartel and the industry. It’s always about the money found in long term medical effects.

There are around 25 Vaccine™ Documentaries that every man, women & child needs to see, share and understand.

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022 Documentary)

Matt Le Tissier – On the Record (2022 Documentary)

Rigged – Maddie’s Story (2022 Documentary)

Uninformed Consent – Part 2 of 2 (2022 Documentary)

Uninformed Consent – Part 1 of 2 (2022 Documentary)

Doctor’s Orders (2021 Documentary)

Vaccine Secrets – What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids (2021 Documentary)

The Vaccine Trials (2021 Documentary)

War and Disease: A Vaccine Tragedy (2021 Documentary)

A Shot In The Dark – Part 3 (2022 Documentary)

A Shot In The Dark – Part 2 (2021 Documentary)

A Shot In The Dark – Part 1 (2020 Documentary)

1986: The Act (2020 Documentary)

The Vaccination Debate on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson (January 6, 2019)

Trust WHO (2018 Documentary)

Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror (2018 Documentary)

Sacrificial Virgins – The Dangers of the HPV Vaccination (2017 Full Documentary)

Wide Awake (2017 Documentary)

Injecting Aluminum (2017 Documentary)

Deadly Deception – Exposing The Dangers of Vaccines (2017 Documentary)

Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth (2019 Documentary)

Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the General Medical Council (2009 Documentary)

The Pathological Optimist (2017 Documentary)

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016 Documentary)

Man Made Epidemic (2016 Documentary) – English Version

50 Cents a Dose (2015 Documentary)

We Don’t Vaccinate – Myth and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns (2015 Documentary)

Bought (2015 Documentary)

The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed (2015 Documentary)

Trace Amounts (2014 Documentary)

Truthstream News – About All Those Vaccines (2014 Documentary)

Silent Epidemic – The Untold Story of Vaccines (2013 Documentary)

Lethal Injection 2 – A Corruption of Blood – Part 1 (2020 Documentary)

Lethal Injection 1 – The Story Of Vaccination (2011 Documentary)

The Greater Good (2011)

Autism Yesterday (2010 Documentary)

The Vaccine War (2010 Documentary)

Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccines (2009 Documentary)

Autism – Made In The USA (2009 Documentary)

Vaccine Nation (2008 Documentary)

Shoot ‘Em Up – The Truth About Vaccines (2008 Documentary)

Beyond Treason (2005 Documentary)

Deadly Immunity (2005 Documentary)

The Origins of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine (2004 Documentary)

Hear the Silence (2003 Docudrama)

Direct Order (2003 Documentary)

Vaccination – The Hidden Truth (1998 Documentary)

DPT Vaccine Roulette (1982 Documentary)

1976 Swine Flu Fraud – CBS 60 Minutes (1979 Documentary)

If you have children or know someone about to give birth, please take the time to visit all of these documentaries because your life, nation & child is dependent upon this information. Your child’s life is at stake. What will you do?

John 8:32

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