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Once again, Dr. David Martin is brilliantly exposing the Coup D’Etat & the steeling of America along with damaging, destroying and permanently altering the humanity of all mankind for profit & death.

The government or Corporatocracy has clearly turned against the people in these racketeering crimes. Mankind is living in a system that no longer cares for him. The judiciary does not care for man. The culling is underway and few are any the wiser as the vaxxed continue to die while clamoring for more vaccines™. You are the cost of the process for the greater good.

There is no greater good when life is worthless and the sanctity of life is gone. CV19™ shots are killing billions and we must awaken to these planned epidemics. You may want to prepare. Systems manufacture fear along with a solution which has nothing to do with fear. It’s all about creating enough of a cognitive distraction to out the masses.

We need more saints and less demons.

John 8:32

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