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Listen to Ann Vandersteel on being an American National talk about freedom and standing up to the tyrants. The choice is yours so speak loudly and often and stop supporting your own demise. We the people don’t pay taxes, only persons who are commercial corporations which 1000’s of statutes apply just like any corporation.

Ann Vandersteel is a prolific, hard-working independent-minded journalist who has been a key player in exposing the open borders fiasco that threatens the security of the United States.

An American National, Vandersteel stands up against the tyrants and finds powerful ways to defend liberty and freedom, even in the face of expanding global tyranny. She is the host of the popular show “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” which is featured on Brighteon.TV.
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American National

As children continue to be vaxxed creating a compliant generation of lobotomized youth to include said parents life, such as it is, resulting in death, which is the masses only escape. Those vaxxed lobotomized adults without Christ, living in fear are solely living for self with little wisdom or awareness.

In times of crisis Klaus Schwab said governments must be trusted when they created the crisis coupled with schools, universities, media, social media, bankers & corporations.

Welcome to the Corporatocracy where humans are traded like stocks & bonds using CBDC’s thoughtfully designed for total control, enslavement & global governance.

The Master Plan

The vaxxed live in total fear fully supporting the narrative, void of any vision from the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Without His Vision & Wisdom they number the walking dead totally lacking critical thinking. We knowing Christ must Live free or die…

John 8:32

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