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The brilliant & honorable Ann Vandersteel joins Mike Adams to expose government TYRANNY & TREASON against the people as FEMA orders COVER-UP of Lahaina, Maui, death and destruction. Burning children alive while shutting off the water, cell service & electric service, while blocking all exits from the fire started by mountain DEW, the CCP & the bought & paid for Governor & staff. The native Hawaiian’s refused to sell so killing by fire was the only solution for the land grab, sponsored by the Elite.

It’s time to start the parallel economy and alter & abolish the current situation as the next plandemic comes on line. Sadly, the sheep are begging for the next snake biting booster as the narrative is brilliantly crafted through MSM & the masses are buying wholesale.

FEMA is blocking food aid for Hawaiians while ordering BLACKOUT on photos, videos, drones, ect…These are not normal fires as they were started by unusual circumstances. Over 1000 killed, half of them children burned alive. Welcome to the new world disorder covering up all truth. No pictures allowed.

Those that know the truth must keep quiet in order for tyranny to do it’s work most effective. Those desiring freedom shout truth starting with Christ Jesus, from the rooftops. Proclaim truth loudly, far & wide. It’s up to each one of us, so do it for the children and their future. If you fail, you fail them. Enough Said…

John 8:32

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