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What would you do if the worst thing happened? Are you prepared? Bunkers & caves will not work. We’re living in spiritual warfare and survival in an age of chaos and deceit.

Jaeson Jones is a border expert with over 25 years of experience working on the U.S.’s southwest border and is a retired Captain from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Division. Jaseon has supervised numerous Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations in multiple nations and led the longest 24/7 border operation in Texas history: Operation Secure Texas, a border security effort between the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas National Guard, and federal law enforcement.

He spearheaded investigations targeting Mexican cartels’ leadership and collaborates with the U.S. Intelligence community to save both Mexican and American lives threatened by cartel violence. This summer, he testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about the radical evolution of Mexican drug cartels and the dangers they pose to the people of the United States and Mexico.

What are you doing about this today. The normie is operating as business as usual which is exactly how most have been programmed totally unaware of whats taking place.

Slave Trade

The masses are still living day to day totally unaware of all that is happening. They are sitting ducks for the cartels & illegal aliens.

Mike is is former Green Beret and CIA contractor, and is the founder of Fieldcraft Survival. Its goal is to to educate, train, and equip the public to be prepared for anything. He is a national-recognized authority in Counter-Terrorism, Security, and Crisis Management Operations. He is also the author of “Prepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenario,” and is the host of the Mike Force Podcast, and the new series, Focal Point, which he co-hosts with Andy Stumpf.

Worst Case Scenario

Please prepare; remember the foolish young virgins in Scripture and their outcome.

John 8:32

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