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Tucker Carlson and Dennis Quaid discuss the power grid, politics, and Hollywood. Dennis Quaid is absolutely correct. Are you a part of any local emergency communications group, prepared for this exact thing? Are you really prepared? Are you aware?

We have had speakers at our meetings from other states, who are preparing their own grids. We have 3 electric grids in the entire country; Eastern, Western and Texas. Not one of the three has enough power to keep the entire country going if one gets hit or goes down.

Dennis Quaid

It’s been 165 years since the Carrington Event. We ignore this at our own peril. I think a 90% death rate is realistic, and it’s not just my opinion, the experts all agree.

It’s insane we have $200 billion for Ukraine – but for an EMP/Solar Event we can’t even get started fixing the problem when it’s a fraction of what we’ve spent in Ukraine alone. It’s Criminal to continue being derelict in solving this problem, and hardening our electric grid.

Today, we have millions of illegal aligns coming into America and few are prepared for what’s coming down the road with genecide Joe. Those buying and supporting the CV19™ event are already the ultimate loosers by volunitarly allowing the hacking of their DNA.

Remember, our Father God destroyed the world once before with the great flood for a very similar event concerning the Nephilim. The normes simply never learn, being stiff-necked & stubborn.

The Luciferan elites of this present world are now meeting in Davos to discuss their plans, Satan’s plans,  for the rest of us who are lesser than, serving the wishes of their master whom they call “the enlightened one”.  

We should neither be surprised nor alarmed by this, God isn’t. In fact He foretold us about the times in which we live and about how it would all play out. What were His instructions?  

Look up, your salvation draws near! Until then…..we are to occupy! We should not be weakened by this but rather strengthened and encourage. The evil one knows his time is short and so is ours. Are you prepared? Above all, “Be Prepared”

“And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come” Luke 19:13 KJV:

John 8:32

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