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Are you prepared because America is living in the age of chaos. Like CV19™ Disease X is equally a mystery sham and only those motivated by fear will fall victim to this genocidal money market.

This entire media propaganda has been built over decades in order to produce and eliminate billions. Welcome to the worldwide killing fields.

The Age of Chaos

Dr. Len Horowitz returns to SGT Report to drop truth bombs about spiritual warfare and survival in an age of chaos and deceit.

Dr. Jason Dean joins me to blow the World Economic Forum-Gates-UN-UK-CIA lab created ‘Disease X’ bio warfare agenda out of the water. The choice has never been more clear, either humanity rises up and arrests these enemies of humanity or eventually they’ll kill us all.

The Next Variant

India leads the world in producing vaccines which is a naive fear driven nation. A nation of cult driven sheep like many Americans. It’s all about value exchange which is on the agenda in Davos. Metabolic enslavement is the goal of CV19™ turning the human into enslaved cash cows which are totally controllable.

The CBDC will turn humans into controllable, tokenized, enslaved individuals in a centralized society.

Such will be the earmarks of the One World Religion that is and is to come. Once the revived Holy Roman Empire comes into power we will have One Emperor (Governmental tyrant), One Pope (Religious False Prophet) and One monetary system.

The “official” religion will dictate to all what, when and how to worship. Anyone who does not follow this global cult will be considered an enemy of the church and an enemy of the state. In its former glory of 1,000 years this system became drunk with the blood of saints, true believers who dared speak the truth, by labeling them heretics and burning them at the stake and other atrocious means of execution, all in the name of serving God.

Any dissenters will be persecuted and gotten rid of just as the original Holy Roman Empire dealt with its adversaries. This Beast will come into power in Europe just as the original HRE did. Prophecy has foretold is and warned us of its coming and now it is here. What are we willing to sacrifice in order to stand firm to truth of the gospel of the kingdom of God? It’s Showtime!

John 8:32

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