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C.S. Lewis wrote these words in his book “The Screwtape Letters” nearly 79 years ago.

′′One young devil asked the old man: “How did you manage to bring so many souls to hell?” The old devil answered: “I instilled fear in them!” Answers the youngster: “Great job!

And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?” Answers the man: “No, they were afraid of the disease!” For this youngster: “Does this mean they didn’t get sick? Are they not dead? There was no rescue for them?”

The old man answered: “but no . . . they got sick, died, and the rescue was there.” The young devil, surprised, answered: “Then I don’t understand???” The old man answered: “You know they believed the only thing they have to keep at any cost is their lives.

They stopped hugging, greeting each other. They’ve moved away from each other. They gave up all social contacts and everything that was human! Later they ran out of money, lost their jobs, but that was their choice because they were afraid for their lives, that’s why they quit their jobs without even having bread.

They believed blindly everything they heard and read in the papers.

They gave up their freedoms, they didn’t leave their own homes literally anywhere. They stopped visiting family and friends. 

The world turned into such a concentration camp, without forcing them into captivity. 

They accepted everything!!! 

Just to live at least one more miserable day . . . And so living, they died every day!!! And that’s how it was very easy for me to take their miserable souls to hell….. ′′

Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day. He was a Fellow and Tutor in English Literature at Oxford University until 1954, when he was unanimously elected to the Chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge University, a position he held until his retirement.

C.S. Lewis set out to disprove Scripture and how Jesus Christ never existed and His written word was not true which resulted in his becoming a Christian. Along with proving the validity of Scripture, the existence of God and the truth found in Scripture, he became the greatest of intellectual, academic Christians.

Lewis wrote more than thirty books, allowing him to reach a vast audience, and his works continue to attract thousands of new readers every year. C. S. Lewis’s most distinguished and popular accomplishments include Mere ChristianityOut of the Silent PlanetThe Great DivorceThe Screwtape Letters, and the universally acknowledged classics in The Chronicles of Narnia. To date, the Narnia books have sold over 100 million copies and been transformed into three major motion pictures.

C.S. Lewis in 1942 – Old Devil’s Letters To Young. It sounds like, it feels like …. this is what we are living in and through right now in 2021. Please copy and share this.

“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 14:9-10

Remember; it’s all about Eugenics and Depopulation as Gates has clearly expressed.

One of the saddest things is watching the commercial presenting young children speaking at St Judes Cancer Hospital dealing with cancer which was administered at birth through the many vaccines given the first two yers of a newborn’s life. It is heart breaking and parents simply, naively follow protocol.

The results are a life of misery creating long term medical effects. It’s no wonder society has gone insane. The mind-washed programming has been exceptional. The stupidity is fantastic so they’re cleaning up the Gene Pool by reducing the carbon foot print as Gates has clearly explained. It’s all hiding in plain sight.

All of life hinges on proper education not found in the public, private, homeschool fool system. Visit John Taylor Gatto and watch The Purpose of Schooling. Read “Dumbing Us Down” by Gatto or “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” 

How many of our loved ones have died from “cancer” that’s never traced back to the poisons we’re intentionally being doused with?  Vaccines are just one way the Cabal depopulates. Add to this chemtrails, fluoride and chlorine in our water, antibiotic overuse, pesticides, GMOs, chemicals in every way possible in our foods and products we use every day, prescription drugs. The list goes on. 

The American Cancer Society, Vaccines and Big Pharma are the biggest scams going. They have no intention of ever finding a “cure” for cancer because if they did they’d first have to expose the cause.

Are we awake yet? Once we realize that these organizations are all in cahoots with the government regulatory agencies WHO, CDC, FDA, EPA it’s not hard to figure out the agenda. 

This little known truth is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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