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Protocol 7 is an excellent movie fully displaying the massave damage caused by the Vaccine Industrial Complex. Naive parents trust the white coat profession along with the carefully controlled media along with the propaganda.

Andy Wakefield joins Mike Adams to talk about his new film called ‘Protocol-7’. If you care please share. Leave the hive mentality of the broke-back, limpwristed, sleepy Joe so called humanistic christian, pagan community. This is serious business casting eternal consequences.

Medical Industry

As millions of children, family members, loved ones continue to be damaged, killed, murdered by the vaccine industry, the sicko’s continue to support the insanity.

The lunacy of the six foot rule, mask wearing, fear driven, will always live among the sane critical thinkers. The critical thinkers, sane, truthers will always promote the truth, even at their own cost simply because they care for the innocent walking in obedience to their Abba Father & love for mankind. Newborns are the greatest victims of insanity, supporting fraud upon fraud.


Based on real-life events, comes the corporate thriller, Protocol 7. Alexis Koprowski, a devoted mother and small-town family lawyer, Adrian Jay, a renegade doctor exiled from the medical profession, and Steve Schilling, a virologist at a prominent vaccine laboratory turned corporate whistleblower, work together to hold a large pharmaceutical corporation accountable for allegedly fraudulent test results behind a failing mumps vaccine.

After many parents children are vaxxed developing cancer, diabetes, ect., said parent continues to give and take vaccines while living with the vax damage. The vaccines forced upon the military is another problem that few address causing longterm medical effects leading to death. All of this is for profit for the invested like the CDC & Big Pharma.

Protocol 7 takes us behind the corporate curtain, exposing a chain of command that devolves responsibility, prioritizes profits over people, and fosters an amoral mindset of “just following orders.”

If you can still think please take action & as a lady once shared; Speak Loudly, because we’re loosing our country along with the youth jobbed out to the enemy school system where children are being systematically dumbed down. Can you say; I will not comply, I will not support fraud, I will make a difference. Awaken and take a look around…

John 8:32

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