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Freedom Is Not Free

The Right Side with Doug Billings is all about Freedom. Do you truly desire freedom? The current Defacto system is designed to destroy and enslave and there is only one way out. Live in the De jure system by becoming an American vs US Citizen. We The People have your back. Colonel Edward Mandell […]

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Georgia Guidestones ‘America’s Stonehenge’ Demolished

This is a clear message sent to the NWO although many sheep will not awaken as millions are slated for removal using the covid Illusion/delusion. Around seven billion people must cease to exist according to the Georgia Guidestones erected around 1980 and the Covie Kool-Aid along with many boosters are making all of this possible […]

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Many Will Starve Or Freeze This Coming Winter Western Europe is on suicide watch as virtue signaling nations tore down their fossil fuel infrastructure (and nuclear power plants) to appease the “greenies.” Now, countries like Germany, France and the UK are facing an energy catastrophe as Russia steadily reduces natural gas outflows from pipelines like Nord Stream 1, which is also scheduled […]

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Dr Simone Gold Exposes Covid Propaganda

Dr. Bob sits down with a great woman quite literally on the front line of the Covid-19 conversation: Doctor, Lawyer, and Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold. Dr. Gold responds to critics and exposes the truth. Her organization, America’s Frontline Doctors, provides information and resources for the treatment of Covid-19 and “helps to […]