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You can be operating as a Lawful Person (who has rights and guarantees and protections and can own property) or as a Legal Person (who has no rights or guarantees and can only manage property for someone else as a slave or indentured servant).


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A video to watch, a video to share… what do you think?

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you. Its decisions are supposed to be made by you. Its primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and against all comers. That’s why governments exist. And that is the only reason for any government to exist, Ever.

This short video is one of the best. Please take time to understand what is being said. Too many simply don’t understand what is going on. Many resist truth which requires change, resulting in a paradigm shift.

The majority don’t understand todays system. Few understand they don’t even own their own body. Fewer understand money and law thus they forfeit a lifetime of work departing this world with exactly what they came with leaving little for their loved ones.

The majority work 3 months every year funding their own demise while raising children for the same.

Corporations are fictions which many statutory laws apply. Any person with a SS number is a corporation; taxable, draft-able, inoculate-able and institutional. This is what Canadians call the SIN number or Social Insurance Number, which is exactly what it is. Christ Jesus came to set all men free; are you truly free?

America desperately needs educated Americans willing to take a stand. Stop the fear…

Remember, Remember the 22nd of November

Three days from now, it will be the 57th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.   

The night before the assassination, there was a meeting of oil executives and media moguls, bankers, and other corporation powerholders.  Their purpose? To discuss what to do in the immediate aftermath of an assassination that hadn’t happened yet. 

They were nervous, and checking their sixes. 

These corporate execs were the money and power behind the assassination. Not some foreign country.  Not Fidel Castro.

It was American corporate bosses who plotted to kill JFK, some sleazy mobsters, some white glove Ivy Leaguers.  

Oddly, the same thing happened the night that Lincoln was killed.  While the drama was playing out, members of Lincoln’s Cabinet were unaccountably gathered at the home of Secretary of State William H. Seward.  

Seward had been injured the week before and was at home recovering from that accident, so he wasn’t up to date on the coup.  The other Plotters showed up at his house at 10 o’clock at night on the night Lincoln was killed, to do the same thing — hold hands, check their sixes, and plan out the aftermath of an assassination that was happening at the same exact time. 

And now, this:  Two Dozen Heads of Major US Corporations Held Secret Meeting on How to Oust Trump

My friends and family, we are all aware that something is terribly wrong in our country.  

Once again, we see the pattern.  Secret meetings of top business executives talking about ousting a President.  Who knows when it turns into something more violent?

And how about this as a response?  We oust the business executives and their corporations, too.  

It’s time to make examples of them and show them what is supposed to happen when corporations engage in “unlawful” activities.  

They get liquidated.  Their assets get sold off or given to their creditors.  And yes, oftentimes, their Executives and Board Members go to jail.  

Sometimes, at least in other countries, they get executed for treason. 

It’s been 57 years.  I plan to do what I always do.  I’ll remember JFK.  I’ll light a candle and say a prayer and think about Jackie and the kids. 

And I will call down the vengeance of the True God upon anyone plotting to do it again.  

Let the angels and the mighty lions take heed; let the monsters of the deep hear me.  Let my words and the contemplations of our hearts reach to the highest Heaven, for we have been betrayed by petty men and small minds, and too much innocent blood has been shed.  

We won’t turn away or believe any Blue Ribbon Commissions.  If anything happens to Donald Trump, we already know what to think.

An excellent talk by Eric Jon Phelps along with some information to consider.

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