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Listen to this brilliant discussion by Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Tom Cowan. Dr. Zelenko healed Trump in a couple of days with two simple drugs. This is a psychologic operation known as Stockholm Syndrome. It is imperative that you do your own research and wake up those you love and care for. For many it is too late. Please awaken the awake-able, educate the educable. Always speak out against the narrative while Israel is leading the way with thousands dead and many more damaged for life. It’s always about money, power and absolute control which is why every step of the slow/soft kill is patented.

Covid 19 is a Darwin Eugenics Event; it’s a war against God. The Gates of Hell is an evolved elite group of pagans, luciferians & eugenicist.


Millions have now been confirmed DEAD as AGENDA 21 pushes ahead with it’s Depopulation Agenda. Still the Sheep remain asleep as they are slaughtered one by one from this non approved Gene Therapy injection which of course they just laugh at while their blood is clotting inside their lungs and brains. It would be wise to research Agenda 21.

Are You Getting the Vaccine? Watch This…

All the information is here. For more than 20 years, Fauci and other globalist operatives tested and developed the protein crystal prion weapon they have now released upon humanity. As horrifying as the truth is, humanity is awakening and fighting back. And now that is more import than ever because they’re coming for our children!

RED ALERT EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Top Scientists Around The World Confirm Covid-19 Vaccines Are Sophisticated Bioweapons – FULL SHOW 8/12/21


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