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It all started with Covid™ and those motivated by godless fear and naïvely gullible enough to take the vax. The masses are always controlled and enslaved through fear & money. The goal is total enslavement unto death as the culling continues producing vast sums of money for the cartels. Remember, the goal is to reduce the world population to around 500,000,000 as exhibited on the recently destroyed Guidestones. The world is underpopulated and not over.

Vaccines™ from cradle to grave have made billions for the CEO’s of the CDC, just as billions of lives have been damaged and destroyed for decades. It’s always about control, enslavement and the bottom line.

Klaus Schwab’s advisor, an Oxford PhD, atheist, sodomite and humanist, clearly explains the Pure evil agenda of the WEF. Everyone needs to awaken and become aware as the culling of man continues.  

Will the Future Be Human AI Technology Convergence Technocratic Dystopia as Yuval Noah Harari of the World Economic Forum explains.

What can we learn from a history of the future? Historian Yuval Harari takes us on a journey through technological development and challenges leaders to develop a substantive vision of what it means for society, politics, religion and ideology.

John 8:32

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