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Voice to skull technology is widely available and daily used through a variety of venues. All schools, hospitals, homes & businesses are wired with EMF technology. WiFi can be used as it continues to ramp up with new technology along with electric meters. The masses continue to be easily culled and managed simply with fear of a new virus as the naive cry for the next plandemic, vax & booster. The pureblood population is being quickly reduced. Unfortunately, job & money is more important than health.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sets out on an initiative to develop nonsurgical neurotechnology – also used for mind control, in this clip from Season 4, “Mind Control.”

Voice To Skull

The world sees how easily the masses are manipulated with fear driven CV19™ along with billions made by those with patents along with the investors. Mind control is at the heart along with genecide always centered around profit.

The Havana Syndrome is another example of how easily, quietly and silently mass manipulation works on targeted individuals.

Voice To Skull

Four of the original Havana Syndrome victims speak out and share their experiences at the center of this geopolitical mystery. They describe the strange episodes, the aftermath and how their injuries forever changed their lives. From NBC News Investigations and NBC News Digital, this original digital documentary features an additional interview with one Havana Syndrome victim who has never been publicly identified.

As the masses are herded into cities, the wise are escaping the cities. With hundreds of chemicals in city water which we drink and bath in along with many vaccines received at birth, the profits continue. Today, the food supply is adulterated. Electromagnetic engineering is real just as the CV19™ are becomtming aware of as millions are dying & billions have been damaged. Seven billion will cease to live according to the vax agenda which is being approached from a variety of angles.

John 8:32

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