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Much of what we see happening today was recorded in Scripture many years ago and now we see it becoming true. With the introduction of the fear factor using CV19™ some say the mark of the beast has been embraced. This may be true because those injected are severely damaged, loosing the ability to critically think or reason in a dejure manner, that which is right before God.

Todays, defacto system operates in humanism which is void of God’s law and that which is right in man’s eyes often changing with the wind. As the genecide continues with the next variant and booster, the culling continues among the sheep fully promoted by the less fortunate libtards. As the trans, porno, homo, pedo, LBGT creatures continue to exist, where are the genuine Christians standing against this perversion. Are they all silent Rhinos? Sadly any voice of truth is quickly silenced & canceled as fear continues to spread.

Who is the author of Fear & how is it spread?

John 8:32

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