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Glenn reflects on hardships in his personal life, and he explains how they’re shaping the way he views God’s love, his role for this show, and what YOU should do to spiritually prepare for what’s coming next.

He explains the ways in which children are suffering now more than ever — thanks to certain social media apps and public schools — and he urges parents to do what they can to protect them from those evils.

Glenn reminds us that his difficulties aren’t unique, and that millions of parents are grappling with similar challenges. Plus, he encourages us all to remember that Jesus’ love is eternal for ALL…even gun owners, despite what former Sen. Claire McCaskill may say.

Far too many parents are realizing the damage government schools & social media cause. Don’t forget the 75 vaccines causing longterm medical effects, disease including death caused by bid pharma. Think, if doctors were in the healing business they would be out of business.

The Purpose of Schooling

John 8:32

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