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Eight million children are sex trafficked annually with around one million in America. Thanks to President Trump who made those paying attention aware and the brave, critical, free thinking real freedom loving Americans.

Most people have no idea how thin the line is between “for your safety” and “for your enslavement” as proven by the CV19™ narrative and the billions that died from the Fauci/Gates protocol.

Today, 1 in 5 children in the United States will be sexually exploited online. Every 9 minutes, Child Protective Services finds evidence of child sexual abuse. 93% of victims know the perpetrator. These are horrifying and sobering statistics that drove the Shawn Ryan Show, a Navy SEAL, to expose this topic–this is where Ryan Montgomery comes in.

Ryan is the #1 “ethical hacker” in the world and it’s a title he’s earned by infiltrating websites that host child exploitation and exposing the predators that run rampant there. Ryan takes us into the underbelly of this dark-web hidden world and lights it up in real time. During the filming of this show, Ryan ran a mini-sting operation from his laptop in a chatroom, posing as a teen–it took less than 60 seconds for a predator to take the bait.

This episode is a cold, hard look at the pervasive problem that is child exploitation. Although it’s difficult to stomach, we do believe that this episode will educate parents and save thousands of children.

Ryan has dedicated his life to saving human life via his treatment center for those with addiction and by forcing this vile topic into the light. We are honored to share his message.

Shawn Ryan Navy SEAL

This chilling story is enough to make your stomach turn as Ryan Montgomery shares the details of how he became involved and uncovered a website that led to the discovery of its owner, Nathan Larson, a former congressional candidate. These individuals, who have perpetrated terrible and horrific crimes that will affect their victims for the rest of their lives, have thus far escaped justice. However, Ryan and his partner are actively pursuing them.

What are you doing?

Ryan Montgomery highlights how quickly one can enter a teenage chat room and catch predators seeking to prey on young children. In under a minute, Ryan made contact with a 47-year-old individual who was willing to meet up with a 13-year-old girl. This alarming discovery underscores the scope and magnitude of the problem, which largely goes unnoticed. This is just one of the many websites where predators operate. We are honored to share Ryan’s story and his efforts to pursue these individuals.

America needs more real men!

John 8:32

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