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Did you take the chance? Where are our doctors and why are they not speaking out about these things. Doctors know very little with no training in these issues. They like most, don’t have the ability to connect the dots and if they did they would be bullied by money.

Few are brave enough to tell the truth.This is a critical time and everyone needs to awaken. Most Doctors don’t know anything about any vaccine. This is a whole new level of coercion and secrecy. Never has something been rolled out so quickly using junk science, not unlike newborn vaccines causing a lifetime of damage creating billions for the medical cartel. Welcome to the soft kill with longterm medical effects.

Any doctor questioning the vaccine ends up under the gun or dead. Most appear to be under some kind of MK Ultra mind control as babies & adults continue to die. This is a whole new level of mind control. No one should die from covid just as all remedies were and are censored, blocked & banned. Everyone must start telling the truth.

Spin the chamber, put the barrel to your head, and pull the trigger. We are playing Russian Roulette with these experimental vaccines. Tune in as Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny break down all the dangers and uncertainties of the vaccine, as well as the terrible side effects women are facing after taking it. As worldwide chaos rises in every moment, how do we get ourselves to the path of enlightenment?

Teal Swan & Sacha Stone have the answers! Dr. Byran Ardis is one of the leading pioneers in uncovering toxins in the current pharmaceutical. Dr. Ardis gives inspiration & hope to people around the world through education by helping people to identify toxins in our water, food, and air we breathe. Dr. Ardis stands for God, truth, wellness, and vibrant living.

Like light and dark; fear & faith can’t occupy the same space. One must give way to the other. Only through the light of Christ can darkness be revealed. This is a real war for mind, body & soul so don’t sell your soul for an airplane ride. This is a true spiritual battle. The stakes are life and death. Live free & stay awake.

John 8:32

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