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No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. 2 Timothy 2:4

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. John 17:16

Do not forget this! We are aliens sent here to planet earth on a mission by the Commander of Heaven’s Armies. We must not fail in our mission. Our purpose is not to assimilate but to cause earth’s inhabitants to assimilate to the dictates of our Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven. Sound politically incorrect and bias? That’s because the Kingdom of Heaven is always in conflict with the kingdom of this present world which is, by the way, controlled by our adversary………you know, the one who seeks to kill, steal and destroy. May we carry out out mission faithfully and not be entangled by the affairs of this cosmos which runs on the premise of wealth and control over others. Be a good soldier! 

My e-mail has been bombarded daily with Republicans begging, even demanding, for money since the day after the Election. In most cases the e-mails are from someone who does not represent me nor could I vote for if I wished to. Many of them are the same Congressmen and Senators who fought Trump for two years in undoing the Damage to America inflicted by the previous administrations. Republicans had the majority in the House & Senate back then just as the Democrats do now and spent that opportunity twiddling their thumbs. Now they tell me they need my money to defeat the Socialist agendas of the left else we are doomed. I received a bunch more of these “rush us money” e-mails last night as I slept and, frankly, it ticked me off! It also got me to thinking about our National debt which is one of the promises Trump made (swore he’d reduce it) that he did not keep even in the two years the Republicans were in complete control. If you look at the attached site you can see how our debt ratio has grown steadily since Woodrow Wilson handed our nation’s finances over to the bankers and the wealthy elite over 100+ years ago. There has been no difference  whether the Democrats or Republicans were in control over the years, the Federal Reserve has manipulated and robbed us consistently since its inception & politicians have facilitated them to do so. There are two ways to reduce the debt, either by increasing taxes or reducing spending and I see no plans from either party to stop the insane spending of my children’s future.

Proverbs says that the borrower is slave to the lender and we’ve created a system of slavery in this country that only an all out revolt and changing of the guard could undo. Ironically, this system really started about the same time “The Emancipation Proclamation” was announced, they freed the negro slaves from their bondage just to create a system that is not racist a bit, it enslaves folks of all color! Remember sayings like “credit is a poor man’s paradise”? I do. That was just another ad campaign by the banks seeking to own our souls. “The American Dream” was another ad campaign which automatically required borrowing money from the slave masters in order to “prosper” and “get ahead”. Folks without sound credit have been ostracized and looked down upon under this system of legal thievery. Christ said we should “lend and not borrow” for a reason, He came to set us free! Lending money for “usury” (interest) is spoken against as evil time and time again in the bible but you will never hear that sermon. Why? Because most churches, their pastor and congregation have compiled excessive debt to those who make a living doing just that, lending for interest. No one will say it out loud but to cause someone to lend money for interest by borrowing it makes one complicit in the sin! A prostitute cannot be a prostitute without customers, and the customers are the vehicle to sin. Thus we see the truth in the scripture “for the love of money is the root of all evil”.  So what do we do, knowing these truths? Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and to set us free, then He left and commanded us to continue on in that work. He told us that we would know the truth and and that the truth would set us free! However, simply knowing the truth does not set us free, we must live it, act upon it and speak it to others. The truth is that we must repent of selling our freedom, the very freedom He died to give us, for a plastic carrot of promised prosperity. That prosperity came at a high price, slavery via debt. We must remember that we are citizens of the kingdom of heaven, ambassadors of that kingdom dwelling on planet earth. We are not American, nor Democrat nor Republican, nor is this planet our home. Ambassadors are always away from home, but are charged with promoting the policies and ideals of the kingdom which they represent. We do not belong to Caesar, nor do we bow to him, as we have our own King to whom we owe our allegiance. Therefore I encourage you to know the truth, follow the truth and speak the truth to all you encounter no matter the cost. My friends, the cost to NOT do so is much greater.

Anytime you make a decision based on fear you are wrong. Anytime you sell your soul for money y0u are wrong. What is your purpose? Why are you here? Nothing worthwhile doing is ever easy. Don’t ever give away your power. Expose their witch-hunt. At what point do you sell your soul to the devil? At what point do you stop embracing truth?

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