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Forty years in full time ministry comes with an eternal price. Understand, eternity is more real than you. How else can truth loudly be spoken in an age of lies, perversion & deception?

Many years ago the church was the place where everyone went to learn the truth concerning every aspect of life. Today is a different story.

When truth is known, what is your responsibility? From cancelations to being silenced, slandered, banned, poisoned, jailed and beaten too assassination, truth must be silenced at all cost. Can you handle the truth, most can’t. Who promised to give wisdom & understanding to those who ask?

Aside from the wisdom of Jesus Christ there is no hope along with those who hide behind Christ. Judgement day is on the horizon for the faithful making full proof of their ministry, speaking & walking boldly in the face of perversion. Have you ever noticed evil hiding in plain sight? Sadly, too many are incapable of identifying evil, much less calling out evil, sadly for a variety of reasons?

Many claim to be Christian while their mask slips into plain view, resulting in what we face today. True freedom is alone found in Christ Jesus. To whom much is given, much is expected. The called & chosen fully understand.

Life with Christ is life alone, both temporal & eternal. Study to show thyself approved, a workman, not needing be ashamed. Unfortunately, most can’t handle the truth so they are destined to live a lie while watching loved ones fade away at the hand of the system. Live the truth, His Truth or live for the world. Both carry a price. Who bought and paid for you? The blood of Christ Jesus or the world?

We were made to give meaning to the meaningless. We were made to war, to be the lights brilliantly burning in the darkness, a living witness of hope to suffer the scorn of the world, that one may be redeemed, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Fix your eyes on Messiah. Who is your true Master; step out in Faith that you may know Him & Him alone crusified for. you.

Take time to read or listen to Nathan Reynolds: “Snatched From The Flames” Audio Book:

snatched from the flames…

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Maria Zeee with Zeee Media in Australia interviews Nathan Reynolds of the Reynolds Family exposing The Old Religion…

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Who are you living for, who do you work for? Praise & Proclaim Him always, no matter the cost. If we’re not operating as salt & light they will get you, just as Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Are you speaking…

John 8:32

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