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With 8 million children & individuals trafficked annually, Trump along with Sound of Freedom did a grand job of exposing the horrors. The sad truth is few and even fewer Truthers and Christians are taking action. Now it’s ho-hum, as business continues as usual.

We are sheep without Shepards. What are you doing and what will you do about this travesty starting with the church? True Christians are few and far between as most christians are polite humanist. Humanism has always been the greatest opponent of genuine Christianity.

Too many attend the corporate run church, operating as numbered, corporate fictions, simply to put springs on their wagon, hoping to make their ride a little smoother through life while claiming to know Jesus Christ but does He know them? Corporate citizens attending corporate churches pale in comparison to the genuine Christian making full proof of ministry.

Visit Doug & Stacy to learn more concerning the Sound of Freedom. Visit Nathan Reynolds to better understand how satanism & humanism must be protected at all cost, just as the sheep fully support the CV19™ genocide agenda in accord with satanism.

Fear driven sheep will be sheep and all for culling & sheering, with the full support of the populous. Fear coupled with the herd mentality never fails among sheep.

Of course, the bulk of funding for the movie came from the largest sex traffickers; go figure…

John 8:32

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