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The facts don’t matter nor does the truth which are both on Mars. Fear has always been the tool used to move the masses to their own destruction. It’s always easy to motivate the masses by scaring the hell out of them. When actions are taken out of fear or greed, the outcome is never desirable. Along the way profits must be made for all elite investors, the billionaires.

Obama once stated ordinary men and women are too simple minded to govern their own affairs. Are you being played?

Children, far too often, force elderly parents into nursing homes (death homes) in order to seize parents money with total disregard for parents life. If Christ is not the center of life, there will be no sanctity of life, other than ones own self-serving agenda. Can you say vaxxed? Remember, what goes around, comes around. Eternity is a very long time. Are you prepared?

CV19™ was an excellent example to this fact, allowing the naive to volunteer for their own demise, known as a soft kill. The best genecide of all employees fear void of fact and science. Propaganda coupled with fear riddled disinformation always works in controlling the masses, achieving the desired outcome.


The blue print for any invasion is accomplished through shock & awe, achieving rapid dominance, designed to paralyze the country, destroying food production, water supply and infrastructure. The effect is similar to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, terrorizing folks on a grand scale.

“The War You Don’t See” analyses propaganda as a weapon in Iraq and Afghanistan. The title refers to censorship by omission – ‘the most virulent form of censorship,’ said Pilger – and the collusion of journalists in nominally free societies such as Britain and the United States.

The film begins with shocking footage from Iraq in 2007. An American Apache gunship opens fire on a Baghdad street, killing in cold blood two Reuter journalists, along with Iraqi civilians. There is no provocation – the victims are unarmed. One of the Apache crew comments ‘Nice’ as he murders people at a safe distance. Titled ‘Collateral Murder’, the video was leaked to WikiLeaks by soldier Bradley (later Chelsea) Manning.

‘Selling’ the 2003 invasion of Iraq is the centerpiece of Pilger’s film. The news media is exposed as a source of illusions, such as a non-existent link between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of 9/11. A CIA witness says the primary aim of intelligence supplied by the Pentagon is to manipulate public opinion.

In a series of remarkable interviews, prominent journalists in Britain and the United agree that, had they and their colleagues challenged rather than amplified and echoed the deceptions of their governments, the invasion of Iraq might not have happened.

Former CBS newscaster Dan Rather tells Pilger that ‘tough, digging, aggressive questions’ might have prevented the war, while Rageh Omaar, the BBC’s man in Iraq, says, ‘We failed to press the most uncomfortable buttons hard enough,’ and reporter David Rose – who campaigned in The Observer for the invasion – refers to ‘the pack of lies fed to me by a fairly sophisticated disinformation campaign’ and agrees that journalists are guilty of war crimes.

Perspectives such as these, coming from a notoriously defensive industry, are rare – as is the appearance of the editor-in-chief of ITV News and the BBC’s head of newsgathering, who defend an institutional bias, not altogether convincingly.

Previously unscreened footage shows a 2004 attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah by American and British forces that left thousands dead. An independent American journalist’s report and photographs of mass graves never appeared in mainstream media. In occupied Palestine, reports Pilger, the intimidation and killing of non-Western journalists by the Israelis are seldom reported.

The War You Don’t See marks the rise of WikiLeaks, whose founder and editor-in-chief, Julian Assange, tells Pilger that his organization gives ‘conscientious objectors’ within ‘power systems’ a means of informing the public directly, a landmark in journalism.

‘The lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth,’ concludes Pilger, ‘or their blood is on those of us who are meant to keep the record straight.’All Credit To John Pilger, please consider supporting the filmmakers –

And what are we doing today using DEW to destroy both Lahaina Maui, Hawaii & Acapulco, Mexico. Few bat an eye just as the vaxxed remain clueless, all programmed by MSM who are soulless & fearful.


Is the United States becoming a police state? Incredibly the answer is yes, and both sides of the aisle agree. The only difference is that each accuses the other of seeking to establish a police state. Who’s right? This film resolves the question by defining what a police state is, and showing how it got started, how it operates, and who’s in charge. Working with Dan Bongino, Dinesh D’Souza has created his scariest and timeliest film!

John 8:32

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