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We first heard about Shawn Baker, M.D. a few years back when a doctor friend called out of the blue who had vanished around 10 years prior. He had lost his practice, home, wife, and was bed ridden at his parents home for 10 years after a doctor mis prescribed a detrimental drug.

We no longer have physicians but prescribers who cut, burn, poison in a slash for cash business not unlike the control of big pharma & the insurance companies. The medical, pharmaceutical & military industrial complex are solely about profits and if the money is right, genecide & euthanasia. Baby vaccines cause longterm medical effects along with CV19™ creating a lobotomized individual. Schools destroy critical/creative thinking combined with vaccines, creating an easily led, controlled, compliant individual.

Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth which is every living souls desire. It’s entirely up to each one to responsibility discern the correct course of action. Employ critical thinking and take action.

Like Scripture, many are called but few are chosen. Remember, drugs are for those who can’t face reality; reality is for those who can’t face drugs. Stay away from doctors, hospitals & nursing homes and avoid all vaccines especially CV19™ including those with the plandemic. Avoid the maskitis disease. Do not be fooled or led by fear, the great motivator for the masses & minions void of all critical thinking.

Enough Said…

John 8:32

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