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Nathan Reynolds, heir to the Reynolds Foundation was required to give his firstborn to be a sacrificial lamb to the wealthy & elite and he refused. For that he was banished, shunned, slandered and routinely threatened.

Nathan was tortured as a child, abused and barely survived. Militarily he was trained to be an assassin and left when he saw how corrupt the system was in all areas. Listen, think & learn.

Reynolds Aire

Far too many are suffering at the hands of Lucifer, the world, worldly possessions while seeking more. The masses are not seeking the Lord. Truth means reality, always seek truth because it’s being suppressed daily resulting in a mind-washed society keeping you from the breakthrough of Joy.

The world church along with those preaching represent the state of the nation as the sheep blindly follow the dark one while naively thinking they are following the Lordship of Jesus Christ. So many claim to be wise yet became fools like the vast number of rhino christians fully embracing the world of outliers.

Vanity controls the masses including christians, which is how they want to be seen in the eyes of others.

As the un-Holy Roman Empire is revived we will see many banned, slandered, shunned, killed and cancelled for their faith in The Son of God and for speaking His Truth. What is coming, and is now here requiring many Tyndale’s, Wycliffes, Luther’s, John Lockes and John Wesleys.

The sheep and the goats are being separated and the flocks are being scattered. The result will be the greatest revival of all time. The best and worst of times ahead! It will be painfully exciting as it is today for so many as they continue to loose everything for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The rude eternal awakening awaits for many are called yet few are chosen and we all are one heartbeat away from judgement. Covid like all vaccines was nothing more than a sign for the lost volunteering for their own demise while lobotomizing all operating in fear, the greatest motivator, void of Faith. Think about it…

John 8:32

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