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We have spoken about various incorporated entities being bankrupted.  These include both Federal Service Providers responsible for Territorial and Municipal Government Services.  These functions are now in the hands of bankruptcy trustees appointed by treaty, and both corporations are in receivership.  

This causes considerable disruption as the Bankruptcy Trustees and the Secondaries eke out a “basic services interim policy”.  

The Municipal Congress was looking forward to this being a time when they could access more and more and more of our credit, using the “Covid 19” False Flag as an excuse.  

That hasn’t turned out the way they planned, because we charged it back to the other Principals who are responsible for this mess as a gift.  Not being able to access our credit — without having it charged back to their own dear Principals — has considerably dampened their zeal for more appropriations. 

The plain fact is that access to our credit and to our underlying assets, and decisions regarding expenditures, actually remain with us.  And when we pull a Jethro Beaudine and innocently accept their gifts, they have to pay for them, not us.  

Both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are well and truly bankrupt. The Municipal Government is soon to be defunct, and the Territorial Government will be reorganized. 

Your Government, standing in the jurisdiction of the land and soil, is the only government left standing.  It’s the only one that is not bankrupt.  It is the only organization with the provenance, standing, and jurisdiction competent to act for this country.  

So you need to wake up and get moving — ASAP.   Declare your birthright political status and record your 1779 Declarations and join your State Assemblies.  Fill the jury pools.  Fill the militias.  

It’s time to move, move, move. By Anna Von Reitz ~

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