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The ruling genocidal predator class wants YOU dead, but if you somehow survive, they want you broke, desperate and living on their global slave plantation under a Draconian, Satanic New World Order as George Bush promised and most christians supported. The first casualty of war is the truth which few can handle or identify in an age of disinformation.

Fortunately, people around the world are waking up to this evil agenda and they’re screaming NO, NEVER – we will not comply. As the pedophiles, sodomites & transgendered continue to roam free and run wild, Jason Bermas returns to SGT Report to process the tyrannical real news of the day. Are you doing your part to awaken family & friends or are you allowing the banning, slander & shunning of those standing for truth? Far too many are listening to Joe Dementia and the vaxxed.

Are you outspoken, speaking loudly, unleashing liberty in Christ or are you one who has accepted Christ only to put springs on your wagon to make your ride a little smoother through life. Like the pagan, you really don’t want to know what awaits you in light of eternity…

John 8:32

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