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Clearly, Hollywood and the sickos pulling the puppet strings are telegraphing a major series of upcoming cyberattacks and the resulting worldwide mayhem that will follow. Klaus Schwab even goes so far as to call it a “cyber pandemic”, thus instilling fear in the populous while looking to governments for solutions and help.

In that scenario, one should turn to our Heavenly Father for help, not to compromised and manipulated governments who hold the nets of entrapment and slavery in anticipation of our running straight to them. Just as The Lord does nothing without first telling His servants, neither does Satan do anything without first launching a predictive programming campaign letting us know what is next, to instill fear and a sense of helplessness whichever way we are warned. It must be a cosmic law that mankind is to always be warned prior to any calamity befalling him.

God warns us so that we might turn to Him and allow Him to guide us through. Satan telegraphs his next move in hopes we’ll miss or ignore the warning and plod steadily ahead to our own demise, thus laughing at us as we run towards the traps he has awaiting. That is the difference between The One who loves us and the one(s) who hates us!

What would we do without cell phones, GPS and internet? How would we identify who our enemy is or how to fight? What would we do if society collapsed and we found ourselves in a world without electricity, transportation or products to purchase and without means to make the purchase? Who would we turn to? Who would we trust or mistrust?  

The movie, “Leave The World Behind” is Obamas twisted Muslim love letter to America, laughing all the way to the bank. He sold us out. He just formally came out of the closet as the enemy of the state. Iran, North Korea, and China joined forces to take down America, nobody is in control, and ending with a New York nuke. mis/disinformation at its finest.

Back To Normal

There is no going back to normal like most sheep thought by taking the injection causing a soft kill while producing billions for the medical cartel & their investors. The globalist are bringing 20 million illegal immigrants in the country so when the lights go out its us against them. Welcome to the NWO promised years ago by George Bush.

A woman most Americans have never heard of checked herself into prison to begin serving a sentence she should not have been given.

Her name is Victoria Charity White, and what happened to her on January 6th showed that terrible crimes were committed that day against the American people along with those sitting in prison. The 6er’s have paid a high price for you, like Trump and his family. What are you doing for American liberty?

The riot was part of the CIA coup that began on November 3, 2020. Every real American should read “Destroying America: The CIA’s Quest to Control the Government.” Why is a CIA officer using an “official cover” as FBI Director. CIA officers were using “police covers” when they ushered protesters into the Capitol while CIA officers in the crowd stirred up violence.

Liz Cheney is just one of several Democratic and Republican CIA officers who became Members of Congress in violation of the Constitution. Documented evidence shows that the CIA spent decades building up its control before installing Biden as President and then working with Pelosi to orchestrate the J6 propaganda. MAGA It’s up to you to stand up, speak loudly & unleash liberty in a cess pool of lies. How much do you love this country & your children? What are you willing to do for them? The current narrative if followed will destroy both…

John 8:32

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