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It’s all about Freedom & the Seven Seals to Seven Kings so break free or die trying. The templet is the future is fixed. The architecture is set as the population of the world is led into a false paradigm & false security. The seven seals denotes finality given to the elect in the grand design. The seals are for kings, priest & the elect, those called and set apart so they will understand their eternal inheritance.

Come and see. Scripture must be used to interpret Scripture. The Bible is a supernatural book exposing both good & evil. Take heed that no man deceive you. Be not troubled because the stage is being set for the next faze. The spirit of antichrist is everywhere. We’re not part of the collective so do not fear. Rely on His wisdom alone, avoid worldly wisdom.

True Freedom

Freedom alone can only be found in Jesus Christ and His Word written. There is no other way. It’s all about the elect and the elite who will be crushed in His time.

The key to wisdom and knowledge is found only in Scripture, His Written Word. The god of this world is satan. Jesus will come like a thief in the night to take what is His.

Be ready, Be Prepared, Eternity is Eternal…

John 8:32

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