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Population elimination erected 1979 down in south Georgia and today it’s working with significant mind washing through the promotion of fear and compliance. Those promoting the fear are making billions and you know who they are. The problem with most is not cowardliness but compliance and conformity just as our enemy is ignorance and we’re surrounded. Pray, awaken and take a stand!

Winner of the Best Regional Documentary award at the 2013 Charleston Film Festival, The Georgia Guidestones Movie is a DIY, low-budget documentary movie about the mysterious “American Stonehenge” in Elbert County, Georgia. The Georgia Guidestones Movie was screened at various theaters in South Carolina and Georgia, including the Georgia Museum of Art, and was also screened in Portland, Oregon. The movie had a limited DVD and Blu-Ray release. Now, please enjoy the full film online. The soundtrack for the movie is written and recorded by award-winning, Athens, Georgia area musician Kyle Dawkins and includes original, never-before-released material. More information about the film, the filmmakers and narrator, and the soundtrack can be found:…… This documentary delves into the most intriguing questions about the Guidestones’ creation and enigmatic purpose: Who is R.C. Christian? Why does the monument exist? How did it come into being? Answering these questions takes the film beyond the site of the Guidestones themselves and into the homes and workplaces of a variety of key players and sources, as well as into the quarries and stoneworking facilities of Elberton, Georgia, known as “The Granite Capital of the World.”

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