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There is nothing better than massive mind control so please take your booster every 6 to 12 months going forward. Very few of the criminals were called to Capital Hill for questions, while giving more testimony with no accountability, so what’s new.

What kind of morons are running this Asylum? No one at the top is held accountable for these crimes of slavery & genecide. Gain of function is nothing more than a red herring for a computer virus that never existed so if you care, please share this depopulation agenda. It’s all about mind control and few have yet to awaken as boosters continue to roll out.

Gonna Getcha

Those injected with the bioweapon have experienced a software upload for mind & body which some refer to as the mark. The masses are always the problem through programming, creating droids in accord with this nefarious agenda. Sadly, the zoomers will be unable to cope with the witches brew administered from cradle to grave coupled with 12 long years of institutional life.

Watch “The Jones Plantation” on Amazon, produced by the Honorable Larkin Rose. It is an excellent depiction of exactly what is taking place today, a lovely allegory.

You can control a man for a time with brute violence, but you can never truly OWN a man until he’s convinced that your word is law, and he must obey and is virtuous for doing so. A film destined to be a cult classic, “Jones Plantation” is the vanguard film of the American Dissident Cinema movement; an excellent allegory of events today.

Larkin Rose

Most people don’t want to understand the system that controls them so they punish those speaking the truth. Keep the flames of freedom burning on The Jones Plantation which is the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. Right!

Remember, caring is sharing because everyone has a choice between good & evil. Avoid the fluoride stare and educate those that can still critically think which sadly are few in number. Most would rather believe a lie than listen to the truth. Don’t be a sleepy Joe…

John 8:32

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