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Satan has already returned to Earth and is walking the streets of Castreau’s Kanazuela and the United States of Rain Tax and Woketards Visibility as the arrival of the Antichrist draws near.

This talk will be hard for many to watch simply because so many hate the truth due to mass hypnosis & wokeness. The conditioning of the American has been so effective, creating the ultimate, obedient, schooled, programmed, mind-washed, subservient, fear driven, vaxxed from cradle to grave individual.

Kicking over sacred cows & belief systems is almost impossible and few are willing to take a stand for truth while even fewer know the truth as they swim in a sea of lies while jobbing out their young for greater institutional mind-washing destroying all creative critical ability.

Wake Up

Think carefully about what is being shared in this video because the programming has been extraordinary for the average in normie as they work their way to their own grave. The average minion is more interested in material wealth than their own family members and they will sell their soul for money & worldly possessions to include their own Mom/parent.

Some family members proudly entertained Senator John McCain in their home and few no the truth concerning this man. It’s your life so stay close to Abba Father because the churches are 591(c)3 corporations designed for the corporate citizens they serve.

It’s all about knowing and living the truth which few live today. Sadly, most live in a state of survival unaware that they don’t own their body if numbered. Remember, all corporations have numbers which are fictions and oh how cleaver; vaxxed and numbered from cradle to grave while being publicly fooled, later to be institutionalized.

For those who truly know Christ, know the Truth and always speak loudly since the hour is late & remember, sharing is caring.

Are you truly prepared; are you connected with Christ, better yet, does He know you, are you His & His alone?

John 8:32

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