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Yuval Noah Harari I “The Covid Crisis was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin” Yuval is Klaus Schwab’s adviser who clearly explains the ultimate goal to hack human animals allowing full control of your body. Yuval converted from Judaism to become an atheist sodomite thinking he is god.

This is the best Ted Talk with zero filters. He explains how humans will become useless through a master class of useless people. The rich will become gods. This is beautiful and once the 5G is enabled, the injected will become Hemorrhagic victims through nano technology & crisper technology through the injections.

Yuval has a god complex considering Jesus Christ fake news. Yuval is the guy implementing Covid 19 desiring to manipulate humans on a new scale while ridding 7 billion humans in the process, desiring to work with the beast instead of against it. Klaus Schwab is the author of Covid 19, The Great Reset & The World Economic Forum. He slams capitalism while embracing the beast and making Billions for those upgraded to gods.

The virus is a piece of code injected to take over life for surveillance, control & death. Remember Minority Report with Tom Cruse? Time to get involved and awaken family & friends. Return to our God Given Freedoms.

On a side note: visit Hunter Biden’s Laptop with Jack Maxey!

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