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Today’s so called doctors are clearly prescribers. Gone are the true physicians of old, along with the Hippocratic Oath. And one of the promises within that oath is “first, do no harm” (or “primum non nocere.” 

As millions continue to die thanks to the vaccine industry it is becoming quite alarming. The conditioning has become exceptional. Couple that with the alphabet soup group, extortion and twelve years of programming, to include higher education and “The Jones Plantation” is complete. Thank you Larkin Rose!

The Medical Industrial Complex like the Military Industrial Complex is all about profit, war, control & genecide. Daily, it is amazing how blind the sheep are, totally unaware of the fact, anyone going through the rigors of medical school can only survive if not throughly mind-washed, as those still able to critically think will realize.

The Rockefeller cartel has done an exceptional job along with the fear porn promoted through the covid experience which is likewise a genecide, know as gene therapy and the hacking of human DNA. Can sheep awaken?

Uncommon Sense

Pay close attention to how this lady was cut, burned & poisoned and nearly destroyed by the white coat profession. Only by the grace of God did she survive and only when she divorced the medial mafia which she was a victim of the better part of her life.

Death By Doctors

Sadly & daily we meet victims of the medical cartel while millions are butchered in the slash for cash business on their watch, not to mention the money made from vaccines causing longterm medical effects. As Bill Gates shared; I’ve made 2o times more money with vaccines than I ever was made in Microsoft. Sheep will be sheep always motivated by the narrative of fear.

Remember; if doctors were in the healing business, they would be out of business. They are in the blood money business and those healed are solely healed by God’s grace. Like childhood vaccines, flu shots, CV19™, it’s always about long-term medical effects, which keeps the doctor in business. Has anyone noticed how the size of hospitals has doubled, especially children’s hospitals. It’s a blood thirsty business and it’s booming, thanks to the vaccine industry, Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab and will only continue until the goal is reached…

John 8:32

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