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Potential Terror Attacks Over Easter Weekend posted from FBI information from their intel. What do you expect.with over 6 million illegals in this country? Nothing says Illegitimate government like refusing to secure the borders because it is the duty of all real men to keep and bear arms. The limp wristed, broke back wanta bees, not so.

If you were not brainwashed enough to get the CV19™ bio-weapon posing as a vaccine, please take a stand. Please don’t be like the rhino Christians standing by while the libtards continue to lead the insanity & drinking the covie kool-aid totally operating on fear.


The masses job out their children to government schools & universities with little understanding for preparation concerning family and friends. Far too many citizens remain dependent on the system for life and this is not business as usual.

Remember, to walk with the King and as some of us were taught as children, Be Prepared, not only for today & tomorrow but for eternity. Judgement day is just one heart beat away…

Stay Dangerous For Christ Glory

As Scripture states: Be instant, in season & out of season to reprove, rebuke & encourage with all patience and long suffering to our Father’s Glory.

John 8:32

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