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To find yourself, think for yourself. The whole purpose of the school system is by design, to destroy all creative & critical thinking as easily acknowledged by those taking vaccines from cradle to grave.

Just like CV19™ and the millions of naïve volunteers that received the injection of the medical device producing billions of diseased victims as recorded today along with killing millions. Remember, the goal is to eliminate 7 billion in accord with the Georgia Guidestones, recently destroyed.

Parents naively take new borns to doctors for a plethora of vaccines causing long term medical effects resulting in billions in profit for a variety of industries along with dumbing down the less aware parents and children. The paradigm continues today as the programed continue the destruction of their own children, all by design.

Top that with 12 years of public/private/homeschool programming and now the child/adult is totally compliant and fully dumbed down to be a good compliant wageslave totally unaware of money/law & individual rights.

Everyone needs to do a serious study on the purpose of vaccines and schools, if capable. It appears, the masses don’t want to know the truth concerning life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness in America.

This is true for all school children especially those taking all the vaccines to include the CV19™ injection. Payback is coming.

This is you…

Gone is the creative critical thinkers; where is wisdom & who is John Gault? What is school for?

Watch this before you go to school son?

Leave public/private school as soon as possible!

The Fixation of Belief

Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down producing naïve, gullible, compliant, vaxxed droids.

Examine how public/private, homeschools and the mainstream media have contributed to the growth of a passive compliant citizenry, thus paving the way for the rise of tyranny. We then look at the role anti-authoritarians play in a free and flourishing society.

John 8:32

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