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This book is a veritable powerhouse that shatters, in one instant, the wall of lies and deceit that took decades to build upon our impressionable minds.

Mel Stamper’s ability to explain complex legal and political information in a comprehensive yet concise manner is without equal. Like a master sculptor he has chipped away the ‘Words of Art and Deception’ to reveal the inescapable and undeniable Truth. This book has single-handedly bared the cleverly crafted schemes of a Power-lusting Elite.~ Paul Nash, DC, ND, CCN, ACU, Holistic Medicine, Minneapolis”If only a portion of what this researcher has discovered is verifiable, we as a nation of free people must hang our heads in shame.

The future generations will not forgive us or forget the terrible injustice we have let befall them.”~ Fred Diaulas, Professor of Ethics, University of North Florida”In 1954 I began my legal practice as an assistant district attorney in the city of Miami. We switched from common law pleading to statutory pleading and no one asked why. Now I know the answer, and it depresses me to no end.”~ Ralph G. Mitchell, JD, Attorney at Law, St. Augustine, Florida.

Part 1
Part 2

Mel Stamper clearly explains how we have arrived where we are today for those that can connect dots and critically think. Mel, a Marine, a lawyer and a man of great intelligence and integrity. Learn the truth and live the truth by becoming a Truther. America and the world needs you now more than ever.

Those operating in godless fear as evidenced by CV19™ along with the naïve volunteers awaiting the next plandemic and boosters, we can only pray for. The hour is late and it’s time to awaken and take action.

John 8:32

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