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In the first part of our interview with the esteemed Dr Vladimir Zelenko, we talk about his CV-19 treatment method, now known as The” Zelenko Protocol” announced to the world on March 23. Then we discuss the evolution of the therapeutic approach regarding medications and personal protection for health care workers and the issue of prophylaxis.

Next, we cover early treatment in NY State, the US, Canada and around the world. — Later we discuss how COVID-19 badly affected the Hasidic community both in New York and Montreal. He recounts in particular the tragedy of a young Montreal pregnant woman, in her 20s, who was unable to secure the required medications for early treatment and who remains in intensive care, 2 months later after she lost her baby. Dr Zelenko issues a call to the Canadian and other governments to adopt early treatment for COVID-19.

Dr. Zelenko says Justin Trudeau is most welcome to visit Dr Zelenko’s medical practice to learn how he diagnoses and treats his patients early, to avoid hospitalization and the complications of treatment that follow. Zev discusses the responsibility of corporations in protecting both their employees from CV-19 and to protect their human resources as a prudent economic measure.

It is of great interest to hear that Dr. Zelenko lost a lung due to cancer of the pulmonary artery. He is also reluctant to admit that he practices medicine without wearing a mask. He says the daily doses of chemotherapy cause him to be immune suppressed but he is comfortable not wearing a mask because he has great faith in HCQ as a prophylactic.

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