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Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent, targeted by the Deep State, turned Whistle Blower, now your intelligence officer exposing fake news!

Jeffrey served with Special Forces, Chief of Global Operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Fast and Furious whistle blower.

Jeffrey is an Author, Speaker, Martial Arts Master, Television and film actor, Firearms instructor, Chaplain.

Jeffrey has appeared on Fox News, Drudge Report, Laura Ingram show. Jeffrey has appeared weekly for over a decade on local TV and radio and breaks news on deep state cover-ups and fake news before it happens!

Please listen carefully to what is being discussed and determine if you and your family is prepared for the coming events. Those that are not will pay the ultimate price along with those injected creating long term medical effects up until death. The agenda must be fulfilled.

John 8:32

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