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You will live in your rented dog box eating bugs with 7 other people, while waiting for your social credit score tracking how much meat you are allowed each week & if you meet your individual climate goals. Maybe it’s time to move, leave, escape the woke living in Libtardville or not.

Disease X

Remember, the Georgia Guidestones? It appears few do or are aware while very few are taking any action. When they were erected in 1980 most of us thought it was a joke, but no more.

“Remember, you have more of an impact than you know. Someone is listening to their new favorite song because of you. Someone’s day is better because they got to see you. Someone has kept going thanks to your words of encouragement. Someone still lives by the advise you gave them years ago. Someone feels inspired to take a risk after seeing you be bold & brave.

Don’t underestimate the impact your words, actions and energy has on people. A small act can impact others in bigger ways than you’ll ever know.” Spread truth, love & light wherever you go.

As chemtrails appear, they continue to spray people like bugs along with the bioweapon injection to include commercially produced food found in every grocery store. Go figure…

John 8:32

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