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With over 40 years in full time ministry the issue of demon possession is becoming more prevalent than ever before. It is clearly becoming obvious driving society to madness, suicide ending in death. Anyone without Jesus Christ is serving the world just as the apostasy of the church operating as corporations for corporate citizens, known as subjects.

A true born again, spirit filled Christian operates with the 9 gifts of the Spirit: Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Healing, Miracles, Prophecy, Discernment, Tongues & Interpretation. The most liberating day in life is when one realizes Christ alone & His gentle Spirit is all one needs to fully live. No man, no saint, Christ alone & Him crucified is all one needs for life today & eternal.

Those naively volunteering for CV19™ bio-weapon causing millions of deaths, is the mark of the beast, designed for those poor souls so programmed, operating through godless fear. Fear has always been the great motivator & tool used by Satans elite.

Those continuing on in business as usual, injecting newborn babies with the MMR along with some 75 baby vaccines are causing longterm medical effects for massive profits, while herding children into total slavery and a life of disease.

Few today live for Jesus Christ who is more real than you are or the words being framed. Mike Adams exposes a great deal of truth in this presentation.

Watch the movie “Nefarious” concerning a scheduled execution where a convicted serial killer tells a psychiatrist that he’s a demon who can possess his body. As the evaluation ends, he also tells the doctor that he will soon commit three murders of his own. Written, produced & directed by some Christian Catholics, divinely inspired, concerning abortion, sodomy, fornication & demonic possession. May be one of the best things to come from Catholicism.

The Pope’s Exorcist with Russell Crow: You don’t have to believe any of this, however, it does not mean it is not real. Man is a trifold being of Body, Soul & Spirit. The body is usually overfed, the soul is the blood life while the spirit is totally unnourished for the masses who live a life of delusion.

rRussell Crowe is #ThePopesExorcist. Inspired by the true story of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, The Pope’s Exorcist.

Some years back several of us delved into exorcisms in assisting those demonically possessed. Today, children are suing parents all for money to force them into nursing homes where as one child/doctor said, she wanted Mom to die comfortably on drugs.

Said parent has begged caring family to stop children from forcing Mom into nursing home so they can take all her money since dead, parent is worth just under a million after sharing they were not willing to loose their second inheritance after the oldest son/doctor lost the entire estate valued around $10 million resulting in eldest son/doctor suggesting Mom get a job in McDonalds after loosing her home. Children are now suing Mother to steel her money. This is seriously demonic, evil & satanic and it happens far too often in a pagan world.

Remember: Ideas have consequences just as fear isn’t a virtue. Everyone walks and lives for Jesus Christ or they walk and live for the world allowing money, pleasure & the trappings of the world to be their god.

Where do you stand because eternity hangs in the balance? Where will you spend eternity? This life is not more than a blink, in light of all eternity…remember the greatest lie is 95% truth and far too many live a life of lies in pursuit of money, fortune & fame…

John 8:32

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