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Over the Holidays take time to awaken the sheep and don’t touch anything Bill Gates is involved in. It is said the vaccine is a Hydro Gel, Nano Tech, RFID Tagged cocktail that will wrap your DNA for later use; creating a new Transhuman for exploitation, control and use. Note, there will be a series of vaccines for the sheep.

According to the Georgia Guidestones, population elimination continues to be the goal and Covie is the tool being used, along with getting rid of Trump who the deep, dark, satanic individuals have cursed since day one. All presidents since JFK have been bought and paid for.

It has been said if communist Joe Biden is not allowed to be president, China who owns Joe, will attack America with the support of Russia. Today, Russia and China are positioning their nuclear subs close to America’s shores. Those bought, like Bush, Obama, Clinton and Biden are positioned worldwide with deep satanic reach. It’s time to awaken as we enjoy the Holiday Season and it must be done collectively because the power belongs to the people. Those awake must take action as life hinges on good education seldom found in society today.

America is at war with the CCP who has attacked America twice; once with Covid and second with Dominion and Smartmatic.

Dr Rashid A Buttar is one brave doctor of tremendous character, integrity and faith willing to tell the truth located in North Carolina. This man is not one of the sheep led by fear and pathetic science. If you care; study to show thyself approved a workman of God in all areas of life. The agenda is to vaccinate for total control and death producing billions for Gates and his cartel.

The masses are being paralyzed into a genuine state of fear creating a walking dead state of mind while billions are being made by those producing the fear worldwide and all with your support the masked desiring the deadly godless vaccine. Where is wisdom and faith? Of course, wisdom only comes from God almighty.

Mass mind control is a rapidly growing problem as exhibited by the mask along with those desiring the vaccines. Humanist have taken control; a godless, fearful leadership; leading the sheep into total slavery. There are no accidents as all events are carefully planned and carefully introduced in a palatable manner. It’s time to awaken and take action so “Be Prepared” as we learned in the Boy Scouts.

JP Sears says it best in “A Communist Christmas.”

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Holidays…

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