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My point exactly. Democrats aren’t all bad. Republicans aren’t all good. The globalists control both sides. They just pit us against each other. That’s how they take over. 

Good people all want the same thing. Freedom from government overreach. The right to our privacy. The ability to make our own health choices. The ability to make our own choices for our children. The ability to own our home and land and live wherever we choose. None of us will “own nothing and be happy about it”. 

Bottom line. We need to come together and fight the real enemy. The globalists. WHO, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Bill Gates Foundation, Big Pharma, Dictatorial governments now in power throughout the world. These are the real enemies of the people. As long as we remain distracted by the nitpicking the demons gain more and more of a foothold into taking over our lives for good. People must be awakened before it’s too late for humanity.

Videos straight from the horses’ mouths. 

It’s good to know what’s happening behind the scenes. People are waking up but there are still so many in the dark. This fear based coercion needs to be nipped in the bud so we can take back control from these demons and preserve our freedom. 

This  was the beginning of Christ’s answer, when asked, what the signs would be of His returning; He add, “This will be the beginning of sorrows”.  Who would have thought that the famine and pestilences (synonym for pandemics) would be manmade? But here we are, with evil, greedy and power hungry men creating crisis on earth in order to achieve their own selfish agendas.

Wars are just part of the scheme used to excuse the pre-planned famine, the pestilences are too. The Lord warned us these times would come so we should not be surprised………..He isn’t! I encourage you to re-read this whole chapter and think on where we are in our Father’s timeline.

John 8:32

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