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The Age of Disinformation

The world has gone mad with propaganda and please forgive those angrily caring enough to tell you the truth. They do so out of love and care for humanity as the depopulation agenda continues. The narrative of the eugenicist must become known in every part of the world. Junk science, the less informed accept, must […]

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Notice To The World

Visit Join Anna’s newsletter today. Listen up:  “the US” is not America. The US is a filthy dirty commercial corporation owned and operated by the Pope.   Listen up: “the USA, Inc” isn’t America. The USA, Inc. is another dirty British Crown Corporation, also ultimately owned by the Pope, with the Queen serving as the […]

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Defending Health, Life & Liberty

ANALYSIS: Russia is winning, America is self-destructing… prepare for EXTREME POVERTY as 50-year economic fairy tale implodes. Do not confuse the headline of this analysis with any conclusions of who we’re rooting for. We are rooting for America and the American people, yet we simultaneously realize that the current occupying US government is an illegitimate, treasonous […]

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The Big Secret

There are no gray areas in modern medicine and the result is disastrous just as Big Pharma has a plan for you. This full medical documentary has over 274,566 views and Premiered Jan 31, 2022 and growing daily. Thank you This documentary explores the truth behind some of today’s most widely-accepted medical practices, and seeks […]

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The Cost Of Discipleship

The Narrow Gate After his martyrdom at the hands of the Gestapo in 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer continued his witness in the hearts of Christians around the world. His became a prized testimony to Christian faith and courage, read by thousands. Now, in Life Together, we have Pastor Bonhoeffer’s experience of Christian community. This story of […]

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What Is Covid 19 & The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The basic laws described here were originally presented by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a great man in Germany years ago whom we studied while in collage. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, and key founding member of the Confessing Church. His writings on Christianity’s role in the secular world have become widely influential, […]

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Truth About Taxes

The general public feels powerless of government organizations and corporations that hide in a cloud of bureaucracy. The masses are so easily manipulated on a voluntary daily basis. Why do they use so many ways to extract money from you? How dare you not pay your fair share? Bureaucracies are necessary to hide the extortion […]

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The Illusion of Knowledge

Consider the Alchemy of Evil. Did you know HIV is contained in some batches of the vaccine? Here it is on the BBC: Who knew?  As usual, the Tin Hats who bothered to look not the Mainstream Media In fact, in all our testing of all the various batches of “vaccine” HIV was the only virus […]

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Killing The Working Class

Fauci lied & millions died along with destroying Billions of Families, Jobs, Homes, Marriages and Life itself and all by design through mass formation psychosis. The masses work hard for a pay check and are the most punished worldwide through the tax system leading to ‘their own demise and enslavement’. The fed is composed of […]

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Dr. Robert Young Graphene Oxide

Dr Robert Young discusses issues concerning the covid vaccines while doctors treat the symptoms and not the cause. There is no virus that causes sickness. Virus in Latin means poison. We’re not treating a virus. Listen to Canadian Rights Watch discuss Graphene Oxide with Dr Young: Del Bigtree discusses Graphene Oxide with Dr Young. […]