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Some prefer dangerous liberty over peaceful slavery in order to preserve our Republic. The merging of man and machine is all about transhumanism and singularity.

Under the new world order of the “Great Reset,” humans will merge with machines and technology. Most incredibly, the Deep State globalists behind the efforts are coming out of the closet. Their intention is to abolish private property ownership and insert microchips into people’s brains to read and manipulate individuals’ thoughts. The Jesuit Jab is only the beginning.

Just last year, most people would dismiss the schemes of the “Great Reset” as “crazy conspiracy theories.” Today, globalists such as World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, UN chief Antonio Guterres, IMF leader Kristalina Georgieva, and others are trumpeting their plan from the rooftops. World leaders are doing it too, despite the fake media’s frantic efforts to downplay the significance.

Great Reset Transhumanism

As the New American reported this summer, there are many elements to the Great Reset. Everything must change, from education and business to the global economy and governance, Great Reset advocates declared during the summit announcing the scheme. However, one area that has not received as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of “improving” mankind.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

WEF chief Schwab proclaimed that a critical element of the “reset” will be the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” He explained what this means: merging man with machines. “What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” Schwab explained in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Schwab even wrote a book on the subject in 2016 entitled Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Schwab explains how technological changes will allow governments to “intrude into the private space of our minds, reading our thoughts, and influencing our behavior.”

“Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us — they will become part of us,” continued Schwab. “Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices — from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets — will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.”

Microchip Implants

Among those technologies are “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies,” Schwab explained. These “implantable devices will likely communicate thoughts through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

Even more creepy is that Schwab suggested these technologies would be used by governments to decide who may travel and even for “pre-crime” purposes. “As capabilities in this area improve, law enforcement agencies will use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity. They will be able to assess guilt or retrieve memories directly from people’s brains,” he explained. This might require authorities to make “a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

Welcome to Agenda 2030

In a post by Ida Auken, the direction and goals of all this transhumanism become clearer. “Welcome to the year 2030,” Auken writes. “I don’t own anything,” including a home, and “I have no real privacy. No, where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded.” But her biggest concern is those who refuse to take part.

“My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city,” Auken explains, noting that some stubborn individuals refused to merge with machines. “Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it.”

The push toward transhumanism and merging with computers is becoming especially obvious in the “education” system amid the hysteria surrounding COVID-19. The technology is getting creepy, from moving everything online and sidelining teachers to bringing in Artificial Intelligence and algorithms. Totalitarian watchdogs like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are key players in this movement. These are the same watchdogs that discriminates against Christians and conservatives. They gather enormous amounts of sensitive data on children and blatantly manipulate the public.

The WEF, which is leading the push with help from the UN and the IMF, is a powerhouse. Every year, it brings together billionaires and even mass-murdering dictators worldwide to promote globalism and technocracy under the guise of “helping” humanity. Naturally, all the major tech companies — Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, and so on — are intimately involved. Fringe billionaire totalitarians such as George Soros are key players, too.

Rise of the Cyborgs

The push for the “Great Reset” is hardly the first time the elites pushed the trans-humanist agenda. At the 2018 World Government Summit, world leaders promoted the normalization of “cyborgs.” Indeed, the summit offered a prominent role to a self-proclaimed “cyborg” named Neil Harbisson. Harbisson argued that governments must help the transition to at least some people becoming “part-technology, part-human.”

“I have an antenna in my head, which allows me to extend my perception of reality beyond the visual spectrum,” said Harbisson, who fights for people who “identify” as non-human. “I can sense infrared and ultraviolet. I also have an internet connection in my head that allows me to connect to satellites so I can send colors from space.”

The year before that, globalists at the World Government Summit gathered under a replica of the “Arch of Baal,” a monument to the Canaanites’ demon god often referred to in the Bible. More than a few commentators saw it as an ominous sign.

Aside from the fusion with machines and technology, globalist elites are also pushing for genetic modification of everything — including humans. In fact, Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates has openly pushed for such schemes. In 2018, he touted gene-editing technology in Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece of the globalist Deep State organ known as the Council on Foreign Relations. More recently, he has celebrated vaccines that alter the genetic code of those receiving them.

World Transhumanist Association

God-like Humans

The transhumanist movement existed on the fringes, under the radar, for decades. In the late 1990s, economist Nick Bostrom of Oxford and British philosopher David Pearce founded the World Transhumanist Association. More recently, in his book Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari said that mankind is on the verge of evolving to god-like status through technology. Humans would be re-designed using genetic modification and technological “upgrades.”

“It is very likely, within a century or two, Homo sapiens will disappear,” Harari said. “We will use technology to upgrade ourselves into something different, something which is far more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals.” The establishment media has been breathlessly parroting his propaganda.

Destruction of Judeo-Christian Morality

Of course, the advancement of transhumanism requires the destruction of Christian moral principles and negating the fundamental truths about humanity and reality revealed in the Bible, analysts have seen. Indeed, many of the leading proponents of transhumanism believe their route to “eternal life” involves uploading their consciousness to a computer and merging with technology.

One of the prominent experts speaking out against it all is Dr. Miklos Lukacs de Pereny, a science and technology policy professor at Peru’s Universidad San Martin. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is literally a transformative revolution. For the first time in human history, we will be able to change human beings themselves,” he told LifeSiteNews. He also added that he believed the COVID-19 hysteria was being engineered to enable the Great Reset transformation.

Even though world leaders are openly talking about it, far-left media outlets are engaged in damage control. They claim that the Great Reset is a “baseless conspiracy theory.” Apparently, New York Times writer Davey Alba is not familiar with the definition of the word conspiracy. He also reported his efforts to pester Big Tech social-media firms about censoring people’s comments about it.


Judging from the comments on YouTube, the Great Reset is less popular than cockroaches and head lice. However, that does not mean the Deep State will give up advancing Agenda 2030. It is the same old “New World Order” agenda, complete with ending private property, privacy, self-government, and nation-states, now fused with transhumanism. Those who value truth, liberty, and humanity must resist.

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